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Welcome to my private website created for stacking my shrines pirated from internet, unsubstantiated subjective feelings, denpa and cascadingly styled bugs ♥

design philosophy of this website:

  • abuse of anchor elements <a onclick="page('foo','');">foo</a>
  • plagiarizing deprecated famous design to cover a lack of creativity
  • it can be mobile-friendly if you are willing to swipe your phone horizontally.
  • best viewed with *my* browser
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    Maybe I will vanish (just like many deprecated websites). Maybe I will comeback.

    Not dead, just busy.

    To give you my best soul (and get rid of this cynical one) I need to study/do more mathematics. So I will disappear for a while. And temporarily closed the other website: I will come back when I have enough passion.


    4/5/2024 Nicht tot, nur beschäftigt. Gestern habe ich sehen, dass auf dem Platz vor dem Hauptbahnhof jemanden singen und palästinensische Fahnen schwenken, deshalb habe ich heute diesen Button hinzugefügt.

    21/4/2024 Click timeshift to see what it looks like before this destruction